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TIMBERZOO - Recycled / Reclaimed Timber Supplier Near Melbourne specialising in Australian Native Hardwoods 385 Portarlington Road, Moolap Victoria 3224     Telephone: 52 481 223     Fax: 52 481 263
Chain of Custody Certificates SA-COC-003942 SA-PEFC/COC-003942
Benchtops In Laminated Recycled Messmate 400 x 28mm      Rate: $85.00/m 400 x 25mm      Rate: $85.00/m   350 x 35mm      Rate: $100.00/m 280 x 38mm      Rate: $89.00/m KD Forest Red Gum   560 x 42mm      Rate: $200.00/m   470 x 42mm      Rate: $180.00/m Recycled Sydney Blue Gum   400 x 38mm       Rate: $120.00/m
Choose from the following discontinued stock sizes - available in premium quality recycled timber. You save because the size or profile has been changed, and these are end-of-inventory run-outs. STOCK RUN-OUT SPECIALS !!
Recycled Messmate Shadowline Board     85 x 18mm Rate: $65.00/m2 (was $95.00/m2) 30.2m2 pack left
Recycled Messmate Shadowline 85 x 11mm Rate: $59.00/m2 (was $69.00/m2) 51.6m2 pack left
Recycled Queensland Hardwoods Shadowline 80 x 12mm Rate: $65.00/m2 (was $83.00/m2) 74.9m2 and 63.5m2 packs left. Spotted Gum / Ironbark lining board.
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Paintscrape 150 x 22mm Thick Planks Only Rate: only $9.00/m 208 metres in pack