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Posts - Shorts For fences, gate posts and landscape pallisade. 200 x 200mm     Rate: $90.00/m 150 x 150mm     Rate: $60.00/m Sugar Gum, Recycled Grey Box, Ironbark, Tallowwood resawn from wharf timbers.
Recycled Wharf Timber Posts 300 x 300mm; 250 x 250mm; 200 x 200mm      Rate: priced from $99.00/m - click here for current pricelist (or email Milled from the round in marine pilings from Corio Bay.
Recycled Tallowwood, Ironbark Roundbacks Rate: $14.00/m Roundbacks in durable hardwood from milling marine pilings. Suit coastal landscaping - fence pickets and screening.
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Recycled Bridge Bearers - B Grade Rate: $20.00/m to $40.00/m Dozens of beams with low structural index but good landscape potential, marked down to 25% of retail price in our Landscape Department. Suit garden edging, perimeter seating, steps, raised garden bed walls, as well as vertical pallisades and bollard fences.
Recycled Ironbark & Turpentine Stumps & Pile Ends Rate: from $40.00 each A range of landscaping oddments to suit letterbox mounts and street number mounts in a native garden or coastal landscape. Select your own stump with bolts, rusty spike and rail bridge markings.
Recycled Bridge Decking - Landscape Grade 180 x 90mm     Rate: $30.00/m Stringybark, Ironbark and mixed hardwoods. Some splits and defects in B-grade batch but suits landscaping uses.
Wharf Pier Tops Rate: $150.00 each Great durable hardwood feature notes for coastal gardens. Barnacled tails, rusty bolts and silvered patina on these marine piling ends in 400mm diameter sections. Useful for letterbox stands and house number mounts. Great selection in lengths 1800mm to 2500mm. All one price.
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TIMBERZOO - Recycled / Reclaimed Timber Supplier Near Melbourne specialising in Australian Native Hardwoods 385 Portarlington Road, Moolap Victoria 3224     Telephone: 52 481 223     Fax: 52 481 263
Chain of Custody Certificates SA-COC-003942 SA-PEFC/COC-003942
Marine Pile Points Short ends from marine piling with rusty metal brace. Suit coastal landscaping and outdoor areas - $100 each and lots in stock.
Holey Moley Bollard Timber - recycled wharf timbers Popular for bollards with plenty of marine character, in two sizes: 175 x 150mm - $65.00/m 150 x 125mm - $50.00/m In durable species - Grey Box, Ironbark, Tallowwood and Turpentine.
Stump Stools Cut from recycled girders and pilings in durable species - these are perfect for outdoor seating - $100 each.
Playground and Landscape Logs 150 - 200mm rounds, 2.4m to 3.0m long, smooth faces and de-barked durable Sugar Gum. Suitable for in-ground or above-ground uses. Rate: $50.00/m
Garden Sleepers 200 x 50mm     Rate: $15.00/m Sugar Gum, resawn wharf hardwoods in various lengths.