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TIMBERZOO - Recycled / Reclaimed Timber Supplier Near Melbourne specialising in Australian Native Hardwoods 385 Portarlington Road, Moolap Victoria 3224     Telephone: 52 481 223     Fax: 52 481 263
Chain of Custody Certificates SA-COC-003942 SA-PEFC/COC-003942
Sawtooth Lining Board (recycled) 13mm and 14mm boards - some wide - with aged face with minor skip to highlight original saw kerf pattern and provide a rustic texture to board. Rate: $59.00 to $68.00/m2
Chalkface Lining Board (recycled) 14mm and 18mm boards in a variety of widths with residual white / off-white paint residues in safe acrylics to give lightness to walls and counters. Rate: $61.00 to $68.00/m2
Paintscrape Lining Board (recycled) 14mm to 17mm recycled softwood timbers with retained colour paint on face. A great look in a collaged display for indoor or outdoor areas. Most sizes are $68.00/m2 for orders exceeding 20m2.
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Shadowline 80 x 12mm     T & G     Rate: $65.00/m2 Lining board in glorious Queensland hardwoods. Milled from old mill stock that was 12 years air-drying in-stick.
Recycled Baltic Pine 185 x 19mm - Rate: $12.50/m pack price Pack of 220 metres of board, all 2.5m to 3.0m in length x 82 boards. Old stamps on some boards with aged-face back. Suit lining board in rustic fit-out. Most boards with one rustic face.
Recycled Mountain Ash 270 x 65mm - Rate: $100.00/m 250 x 65mm - Rate: $  90.00/m Salvaged from an old Riverina rice mill.
KD American White Oak 155 x 32mm     DAR     Rate: $38.00/m Lengths 1.8m to 3.0m
Dressed Wharf Board 230 x 60mm - Rate: $90.00/m 230 x 40mm - Rate: $50.00/m Durable hardwoods with residual barnacle and teredo patterns. Suit outdoor furniture, benches and seats.
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